The top 10 Totara LMS facts you should know!

  1. Totara is an enterprise oriented distribution of Moodle – the world’s most popular learning platform.
  2. It is open source software.
  3. Totara development is sustained by simple, affordable subscriptions.
  4. It has no licence costs.
  5. Totara is accessed via a web browser – so it’s easy for your end users.
  6. It is flexible and fully featured – you choose how you want to use it.
  7. Totara enables you to automate allocation of learning.
  8. It works with other systems.
  9. Totara is used by Tesco, Sky, Sony, easyJet – plus many more commercial, public and third sector organisations.
  10. Totara LMS has the reporting capabilities that Moodle users dream of!

Is Totara LMS right for me?

We hear the questions “What can Totara do?” and “What can Totara do for me?” on a regular basis. “Loads!” is the short answer. But it’s hard to give a more useful response without understanding the context of your particular situation.

Totara isn’t your only option, of course – Moodle may be perfectly adequate for your needs. In both cases, context is key. We’d be delighted to discuss your requirements and help you answer those questions. So for more specific insight into whether Totara is right for your organisation – just ask us!

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