Ray Lawrence - HowToMoodle Director

Ray – Director

As HowToMoodle’s founder and director, I divide my time between running HowToMoodle and consulting with the company’s diverse clients. I discovered Moodle when seeking solutions to streamline induction programmes at a major UK financial services company and have been an enthusiastic and pragmatic advocate of Moodle-based solutions since the very early days.

Jan Lawrence - HowToMoodle Director

Jan – Director

I started my Moodle journey in 2004 looking after the administration and accounts side of HowToMoodle on a part time basis. In 2006 I made the decision to give up my career in Social Services and join HowToMoodle full time to run the office. With a growing business and team I was appointed Director in 2010. I am responsible for managing the office and working in the HR side of the company.

Richard Hall - eLearning Consultant

Richard – E-Learning Consultant

I started my career in IT as a programmer writing software in the financial sector. Following the full systems life cycle, I then got involved in the project management and subsequent training of end users. After several years, I re-trained as a secondary school teacher, teaching ICT to 11-18 year-olds and this is where I was introduced to Moodle. I joined HowToMoodle to deliver training and consultancy and I enjoy sharing my Moodle experiences with others and ensuring they get the best out their Moodle sites.

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  • What inspired me to do what I do: I thought Moodle was a really interesting product to be involved with and the possibility of working with it on a professional basis whilst supporting the project financially seemed like a win win scenario.
  • eLearning tip: It will probably take longer than you think it will.
  • At the weekend I love: To dream about abstract concepts like weekends.
  • Party trick: ET impersonation (well it was before I had these teeth).

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  • eLearning tip: When starting off on your eLearning journey attend a HowToMoodle Training Course to help you on your way.
  • All time dream: Take a year out to walk the coastline of UK.
  • Favourite slogan: Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.
  • Party trick: The only parties I go to nowadays are Tupperware parties!

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  • What inspired me to do what I do: As a teacher, I used Moodle to deliver blended learning but it has so much potential, I wanted to learn more. I’m now able to share my experience and advice to help others get the most from their Moodle sites.
  • Favourite slogan: Not so much a slogan but one of my most commonly used phrases is “Every day’s a school day”. With the sheer size of Moodle and Totara, there’s always something new to learn!
  • Guilty pleasure: I’m a fan of the highly-underrated 1980’s pop group, Red Box (the band that once taught us to say “Aye”!)
  • Random fact about me: I once acted and sang on Saturday morning TV (“The Saturday Morning Picture Show” to be precise) and was interviewed by Mark Curry (I’m showing my age a bit here!).
Ian MacKinnon - eLearning Consultant

Ian – E-Learning Consultant

I started working in Learning & Development for a financial services contact centre, where I soon found out about Moodle and learned how it could be used to engage staff with regulatory and compliance training. I took this further to train the trainers on how to use the system, and soon discovered Totara LMS and moved to train specifically on Totara. Now at HowToMoodle I provide training and consultancy on both systems; I really enjoy helping people discover the possibilities of Moodle and Totara and how they can achieve them.

Grace- Client Relations Executive

Grace – Client Relations Executive

I joined the HowToMoodle team after a 9 year career in hairdressing. I have used my extensive customer service skills to build new client relationships within the E-Learning industry. My passion is to advise and help clients reach their project goals!

Gemma - Marketing Executive

Gemma – Marketing Executive

I began my marketing career following graduating from University with a BA (Hons) in Marketing Management and Business IT. I have worked in Sales and Marketing roles for over 9 years, with the majority in the IT industry, before joining HowToMoodle. Here I manage all of the company’s marketing activities and ensure that our clients are keep up to date with our new and evolving products and services.

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  • What inspired me to do what I do: Working in L&D in financial services, I discovered Moodle and how it could complement the face-to-face training and development. I picked it up quickly, taught others how to use it for training, and got inspired to continue training people in how to make the most of the system.
  • Likes: I love music, especially discovering great things I haven’t heard before. Mostly the alternative sounds from the 60s up until the modern day.
  • LMS/eLearning Tip: Think of your user’s first. Yes reporting and data are great, but they’re no good if the user’s aren’t engaging with the system to begin with.
  • Favourite film: Pulp Fiction – I’m a huge Tarantino fan; this is such a classic and was the one that got me hooked to his films!

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  • eLearning tip: In my experience understanding how to use Moodle/Totara platforms is the key to a successful project
  • Best advice I have been given: Don’t ever forget your manners!
  • If I won a million pounds I would: SPEND IT, you only live once!
  • Dislikes: Swimming in the sea, there are fish…everywhere!

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  • eLearning tip: Think past the initial launch. It’s understandable to concentrate your efforts on the launch of your platform, but it is important to think past this and of ways to engage your learners and keep the momentum going past those first few months.
  • Best advice I have been given: Always go with your gut instinct.
  • Likes: Mint hot chocolate, online shopping, dogs, music, summer, travelling, being a mum, chocolate popcorn.
  • Dislikes: Negativity, being early, being late. Mushrooms.
Callum Booth - Web Developer and Designer

Callum – Web Developer and Designer

I started my career at a marketing agency while also studying for a foundation degree in Graphic Design at University. Following this I began working within the digital department where I was able to improve my development skills before moving onto a web developer role for a logistics training company prior to joining HowToMoodle. Since working at HowToMoodle I enjoy working with clients to create great-looking, engaging themes, as well as developing new features and supporting the HowToMoodle sales and marketing team.

Marianne Hill - Operations and Finance Manager

Marianne – Financial Accounts Executive

I previously worked within the motor industry for 20 years as a Dealership Accountant before joining the HowToMoodle team. As the Financial Accounts Executive my role is to manage the company accounts as well as the accounting function and to assist clients with any queries.

Leon - Systems Administrator

Leon – Systems Administrator

I have over 20 years experience in IT, working with both Linux and Microsoft Windows based systems and holds a Linux Professional Institute Level 2 Certification (LPIC-2) and an MSc in Computer Science. Over the years I have worked in development, support and system administration roles and dealt with small and large organisations within various sectors along the way. Since joining HowToMoodle I provide administration services for hosted sites, remote support, and other technical services for organisations who host their own sites.

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  • LMS tip: Spend more time on content than you think you need. It will help improve the design of the site
  • Likes: Driving my car
  • Favourite film: The Road
  • Favourite holiday destination: Venice

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  • Best advice I have been given: Change the things you can control and learn to accept the things you can’t.
  • At the weekend I love: Spending time with my friends and family and our new found love of camping.
  • Random fact about me: I have swam with sharks, parachuted out of a plane and walked over the O2 at sunset
  • Favourite film: My favourite film of all time would be ‘My Fair Lady’ with Audrey Hepburn, the old films are the best.

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  • What inspired me to do what I do: Failure at everything else.
  • Best advice I have been given: You’re not as funny as you think you are.
  • All time dream: I don’t care what my teachers say, I’m going to be a supermodel.
  • Thing that really baffles me: The success of “Believe” by Cher.
Ben - E-Learning Developer

Ben – E-Learning Developer

I have spent my entire career in multimedia focused roles, with special interest in e-learning. I have worked in various environments, from web development to bespoke and blended e-learning to Instructional design and publishing.


Dan Bennett - Support Technician

Dan – Support Technician

After leaving college, I started my career as a QA Tester for a brand new e-learning project during development. I then became the ‘go to’ person for Moodle Support for schools hosted at my previous job.

Since joining HowToMoodle, I’m one of the first points of contact for support for Moodle sites. I also ensure sites are set up correctly, perform upgrades and migrations whilst ensuring our clients get the best service possible.

Jamie - Support Technician

Jamie – Support Technician

I began my apprenticeship as a Support technician at HowToMoodle after completing my Level 3 BTEC Extended diploma in Software development. I really enjoy being able to provide help to our clients so that they can get the best out of their E-learning platform.

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  • What inspired me to do what I do: I love building things. Bringing together all the disparate elements of an e-learning project: graphics, text, video and audio into a coherent and effective learning experience is really satisfying.
  • Best advice I have been given: Good screen design goes largely unnoticed. Bad screen design is immediately obvious.
  • Thing that really baffles me: Why anyone would ruin a perfectly decent piece of toast by spreading marmite all over it?
  • Guilty pleasure: Fruit crumble. Lots and lots of fruit crumble.

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  • What inspired me to do what I do: Computers. And being a bit geeky…
  • eLearning tip: Work with your LMS, not against it.
  • Likes: Music. Music. Music. Gaming. Music. Sleep. Sun.
  • Random fact about me: I love finding new artists before they are famous (Gabrielle Aplin, Ellie Goulding, Ed Sheeran, Lauren Aquilina…).

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  • Best advice I have been given: Not to take opportunities for granted and to take them whenever they arise.
  • Favourite slogan: You miss 100% of the shots you do not take.
  • Favourite holiday destination: Malta.
  • Favourite film: Lord of the rings trilogy.
Skye - The HowToMoodle dog

Skye – The HowToMoodle Dog!

Skye has been the HowToMoodle dog for the past 12 months, and makes his regular appearance in the HowToMoodle monthly newsletter. Skye keeps his ear to the ground and sniffs out that latest eLearning tips and company off-furs!

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  • eLearning tip: Don’t underestimate the importance of how the site looks nor the ease of navigation for the users.
  • At the weekend I love: Going for long walks and chilling out in my garden.
  • Guilty pleasure: Mud, mud, mud!
  • Random fact about me: I am originally from Kuwait and took a long flight a few years ago to the UK.