Hosting information

Our hosting plans are designed for organisations of all sizes. You can move to a plan with greater capacity at any time, just pay the difference for the year.

If you need something else please call or complete the enquiry form.

Which Moodle version should I choose?

Moodle 2.5.x:

First released 14th May 2012.

Bug fixes for general core bugs in 2.5.x will end May 2014 (12 months).
Bug fixes for serious security issues in 2.5.x will end November 2014 (18 months).

Moodle 2.4.x:

First released 4th December 2012.

Bug fixes for general core bugs in 2.4.x will end December 2013 (12 months).
Bug fixes for serious security issues in 2.4.x will end June 2014 (18 months).


The user numbers shown are a guide for the total maximum number of users that are supported. The number of concurrent users i.e. accessing the system at the same time, is less than this and is influenced by the type of activity being undertaken concurrently e.g. submitting a quiz attempt, posting to a forum. 5-10% of our guide maximum is a useful indicator but predicting use of server resources isn't a precise science.

Your site's domain

Your site's address will be at a domain or sub-domain of your choice e.g., or

If you already have a domain we'll provide you with instructions on how to make this work with your site during the set up process. If you don't have a domain yet, you'll need to obtain one or we can arrange this for you at a small additional charge (subject to your chosen domain being available).

We use 123-reg (new window) for domain registrations as their prices are reasonable and the management interface is one of the easiest to comprehend.

Moodle themes

All sites come with the standard Moodle themes, you may use your own theme to give your site a distinct look and feel, or you can use our theme service to create one for you.

Additional and custom themes are not available for the Pilot plan.


The server is backed up nightly to a separate secure geographical location.


We include upgrades in the same Moodle version e.g. 2.5.2 -> 2.5.3, and manage and monitor the server on which your site is hosted to keep it secure and available. We offer a managed Moodle hosting service so we don't enable the facility to self install 3rd party plugins.


We provide basic support for the site administrator to get you going. We also offer a range of competitively priced support options - please contact us for details.

Hosting is offered subject to acceptance of our acceptable use policy and terms of business.


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