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Moodle Administrator

Moodle Administrator aims to provide the insights required to configure (or re-configure) and administer a Moodle site.

Moodle works well with its default settings but day-to-day administrators and strategic planners must be able to make informed choices about Moodle setup for their organisation.

Learn how to

  • Create and manage user accounts using manual and email authentication
  • Identify and manage site layout options
  • Assign and adapt permissions using the roles system
  • Configure global privacy and access settings
  • Identify and manage defaults for course related functionality
  • Customise the interface terminology
  • Configure in built appearance options to modify the site experience
  • Adapt and review user permissions within a course
  • Control collaboration, awareness and segmentation of users within a course
  • Manage access to activities and course section using specified conditions
  • Enable facilitators and learners to track progress in a course.


  • Save time: Learn about essential functionality with our structured exploration.
  • See the big picture sooner: We’ll help you understand relationships between key areas so that you can take a holistic view of how to match Moodle to your needs.
  • Identify quick wins on an existing site: Existing administrators tell us they leave the course with new ideas and valuable confirmation about their existing approach.
  • Small groups: The opportunity to engage with new contacts or colleagues is always highly rated in participant feedback.
  • Manage access to your courses using a range of enrolment options
  • Save internal resource. This course will save you time and money. What you learn in one day would take much longer through self guided discovery and experimentation.

Who should attend?

  • Aspiring Moodle site administrators
  • Current Moodle site administrators
  • Project managers and entrepreneurs who need to make a rapid assessment of Moodle
  • Support desk personnel offering extended support.

Course content

    Day 1 - "Day to Day Site Administration"

  • Site organisation: Manage options to organise the site
  • Managing Settings: Identify and manage standard options and settings that impact on course design and the experience of users within courses
  • Appearance Settings: Manage the settings that impact on your users’ experience
  • Customisation: Customise the interface terminology
  • Managing Users: Manually create and manage user accounts with manual and email authentication and enrolment
  • Managing Roles: Permissions: Identify, assign, modify, create and manage roles
  • Backup: Re-use and archive activities and courses

    Day 2 - "Course Administration"

  • Managing Permissions: Adapt and review user permissions within a course
  • Managing Groups: Manage user participation and segmentation within groups
  • Access and Groupings: Manage access to course activities, resources and sections using specified conditions
  • Completion Tracking: Enable facilitators and learners to track progress in a course. Learn how to configure programmed, teacher and learner initiated completion tracking options
  • Conditional access: Restrict access to specific course content based on certain criteria. Learn how to set the criteria within individual resources and activities
  • Monitoring activity: Access and monitor learner activity logs within a course
  • Using the Gradebook: Customise gradebook by creating categories and exploring different configuration options
  • Badges: Reward learners and allow them to share progress and achievement with others. Learn how to manually award badges and configure options to award badges automatically

Our approach

Throughout the training you’ll have administrator access to a Moodle site that you’re familiar with navigation in the administrator areas.

The subject matter means that this training can’t be as hands on as our other training options but we’ll get you hands-on where possible.

You're welcome to have your own production site handy (if you have one) to compare your own settings and update if you feel appropriate.

We’ll be asking and inviting questions about your site throughout the two days.

Participants should be familiar with

  • How to navigate and upload files
  • Typical navigation features of web-based applications e.g. hyperlinks, buttons, drop down boxes, radio buttons, check boxes;
  • How to enter text into fields and text boxes.
  • You will be familiar with at least the basics and concepts of Moodle course functionality. This provides useful context for exploration of the various administrative settings and will help with your participation in the second day of the training. Many clients find combining Moodle Administrator with our Course Creator Essential course beneficial.

Important information

This course is designed to be of benefit to non-technical administrators, however, we anticipate it will also be valuable to those with experience of server and system administration who have responsibility for administering a Moodle site.

Owing to the wide range of potential deployment scenarios this course does not attempt to cover integration with external systems, the various external authentication or enrolment options, networking between Moodle sites, server and infrastructure configuration or web design for customising Moodle themes.


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