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Moodle Course Creator Essential

Moodle Course Creator Essential aims to give you the confidence and competence with essential Moodle functionality to be able make informed decisions about course design, strategic planning and providing support in your organisation.

You will learn how to

  • Get the basics right: Course settings, orientation, course page layout.
  • Learning resources: Upload, manage and signpost for your participants.
  • Re-use and archive activities and courses.
  • Learning activities: Assessment, collaboration and communication using a range of Moodle tools.


  • Save time: Our structured, hands-on approach will help you identify where and how Moodle can support your course design and wider objectives. How much more time can you afford to spend on unstructured self-learning?
  • See the bigger picture: We cover a lot of ground in two days. Our clients tell us time and again that they discover options or approaches they’d not uncovered before.
  • Small groups: Learning the software is important but that’s only part of the story, we want hear about your ideas and challenges too. The opportunity to engage with new contacts or colleagues is always highly rated in participant feedback.

Who should attend?

  • Trainers, teachers, tutors, course designers etc. responsible for designing and developing online or blended courses.
  • Anyone in a role supporting the above.
  • Project managers and entrepreneurs who need to make a rapid assessment of Moodle for their organisation.

Course content

  • Course set up and layout modification
  • Adding resources
  • File management
  • Activity modules - Forum, Choice, Chat, Glossary, Quiz, Assignment, SCORM*
  • Creating popular question types
  • Gradebook introduction
  • Archival and reusing courses

*SCORM covers Moodle options and does not extend to creating content in external authoring tools.

Our approach

It’s hands on! Our trainer explains and demonstrates where appropriate but we like to get your fingers on the keyboard as often as possible!

You will create and explore simple resources and activities within a generic course with the aim of uncovering options that will stimulate ideas about how to use Moodle in your own context.

Activities are subject matter "neutral" so you may derive equal benefit from our training regardless of your area of subject matter expertise, academic or business sector and the age of your target learners.

Participants should be familiar with

  • Typical navigation features of web-based applications e.g. hyperlinks, buttons, drop down boxes, radio buttons, check boxes;
  • The general concepts of files, folders, upload, download, zip & unzip.
  • How to enter text into fields and text boxes.
  • The broader aims of their organisation.


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