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Course Creator Essential 2.5

Course Creator Essential Moodle Manual Cover Topics

Creating a new course, Conditional activity and restricting access, Course page and blocks, Text editor

Label resource, File resource, File picker, Page resource, Folder resource, Book resource, URL resource

Forum activity, Question bank, Questions, Quiz activity, Assignment activity, Glossary activity, SCORM activity, Chat activity, Choice activity, Wiki activity

Activity logs and reports, Backup and restore a course

About the content

We're often asked about documentation for Moodle and routinely signpost the community documentation at The Moodle Docs pages can be intimidating for new users so this is our attempt to distil some of that content into a convenient resource that can be used in electronic or printed formats.

Moodle Manuals FAQs

Can I share or redistribute the manual? - Yes. The manual is licensed in the same way as the source content at Moodle Docs which means you can share it as much as you like.
Can I use it in my school, college, university, company, charity etc. - Yes
Are other topics available? - We're currently compiling further manuals so keep checking this if the topics you're interested in aren't featured yet.
Can I produce printed copies from the PDF version? - Yes. you can copy as much as you like.
Is it possible to obtain printed copies? - Not at the moment, but they will be available soon.

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