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Course Title Cost
Electrical safety £25.00
When people get an electric shock, it is not unusual for the outcome to be fatal. As a result, employees want to reduce the risk of electrical incidents in the workplace by providing basic information about the severity of incidents involving electricity. Attitudes are challenged as learners progress through this electrical safety course and are introduced to current Health and Safety legislation, as well as best practice, all of which are designed to reduce the likelihood of an event from taking place.
Manual Handling £25.00
Many injuries in the workplace are caused by moving of lifting objects. Sometimes the injuries are immediate, sometimes they aren’t. One things is sure; they lead to losses for both the company and the worker. Minimising these injuries is therefore paramount to organisations and this course shows how these types of injuries can be reduced or even eliminated by considering a number of factors.
Stress in the workplace £25.00
Stress affects all workers regardless of their rank or background. It causes changes in behaviour which can cause serious health issues so the impact of stress on workers affects not just their performance in the workplace, but in their personal lives. This course is all about helping learners to manage stress to reduce the likelihood of it occurring and to minimise its impact.
Health & Safety at Work £25.00
This course outlines the real risks that can lead to incidents in all workplaces. It also informs the learners of what their personal responsibilities are as described by legislation. It also challenges learners’ attitude towards health and safety in the workplace and informs them of the types of risks they may come across at work.
All Health and Safety courses £75.00
Get all four Health and Safety courses at a discounted price

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