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Moodle Consultancy

From end to end solutions to expert support in key parts of their project, our Moodle consultants are here to help whatever your requirements.

Getting started with Moodle

I'm new to Moodle and/or considering it for my organisation

Moving my project forward

I am looking to improve or extend my existing Moodle site

Is Moodle right for me?

It makes good sense to begin your project with an evaluation of Moodle against your business and learning requirements. We can add real value to your project by answering your questions and ensuring that you are on the right lines. Expert consultancy at this point can save you significant time and money in ensuring that you are making the right choices and getting the right fit for your organisation early on.

Moodle Implementation

Once you've decided to use Moodle within your organisation we can help you provide focus on the practicalities of designing courses, configuration, management and peripheral considerations that you may not have considered. Moodle is a large system and there is a lot to learn and consider. We can help by addressing your specific needs and objectives for your Moodle site and advise on how it's best for you to implement these to get the results you need, to make your Moodle site work for you.

Processes and procedures

It’s rare for a Moodle site to be wholly stand-alone in an organisation; normally there is a raft of existing systems and procedures already in place. We can bring clarity on where and how Moodle can sit within your existing set up so that you work efficiently and effectively. Getting this part right is often the key to securing longer term financial benefits.

Where next?

So you have an existing Moodle site, and wish to improve it, but don’t know where to go? Our consultants can help you focus on your core aims and objectives for your Moodle site and work with you to build an achievable medium-long term plan of how to best meet these objectives, in the most cost effective and efficient way.

Moodle version updates and features

With regular releases of Moodle, it can be difficult to evaluate how worthwhile it is to upgrade your Moodle site, and what benefits the latest version can bring you. We can discuss this with you, looking at your current Moodle site and what you would like to achieve, to help you form a better understanding of the version to most benefit you and your Moodle site.

Anything else?

We're regularly contacted by clients requiring help and advice on all aspects of Moodle. A large majority of the time we can provide expert advice and assistance with whatever you ask! We would be happy to discuss any queries or requests you have, simply just ask us...!

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Whether you need a small group involved or a range of different stakeholders within your organisation, we can engage with you at your location, delivering a bespoke onsite consultancy service.

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Depending upon the nature of the requirement we may be able to help you with some focussed online consultancy, Our consultants will be able to advise on the suitability of this approach for your needs.

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