The top 10 reasons why Moodle is amazing!

  1. Moodle is a learning platform that enables you to easily and effectively create and manage courses, activities and communities online.
  2. Moodle is free to download.
  3. Moodle is open source software.
  4. Moodle has no licence costs.
  5. Moodle is accessed via a web browser – easy access for everyone.
  6. Moodle is flexible and fully featured – you choose how you want to use it.
  7. Moodle offers many ways to manage account creation, enrolments and permissions.
  8. Moodle works with and alongside other systems.
  9. Moodle is the world’s most popular eLearning platform.
  10. Moodle is used by organisations of all types and sizes – schools, businesses, colleges, charities, universities, and the public sector.


Is Moodle right for me?

“Yes, highly probably” is the short answer. But it’s hard to give a more useful response without understanding the context of your particular situation. So we’ve attempted to provide a brief overview of some of the main Moodle functionality, grouped into four broad categories, here for you:

Moodle is a large and flexible application, so this overview information really only scratches the surface. For more specific insight into whether Moodle is right for your organisation – just ask us!