Lots of potential for collaborative activities where learners work together to build a shared resource. An individual wiki variation creates a private space in a course for learners to capture their note and reflections. A simple interface makes simple or complex wikis easy to create, all changes are auditable.


An elegant, simple and informal way to capture contributions from learners using pre-defined templates. Entries can be searched, sorted, commented upon and rated. Once submitted, learner entries can remain hidden until approved.


A powerful form based activity to facilitate the capture and display of learner contributions or course resources using an extensive array of pre-defined field types. A database activity is a searchable repository of contributions in any format.


Participants make a choice in the form of a single-question feedback form. There are options to manage the visibility and privacy of votes from other learners. Simple and fun, a straightforward activity for capturing votes on any topic. Handy for a host of administrative tasks too.