An individual web page for any combination of text, images, videos and sound files. You can even display objects from external resources like YouTube videos.

Url integration


Great for signposting web sites and other resources. Embed web sites in your course or display them in a pop-up window.


Organise with Folders


Great for keeping course pages clean and uncluttered if you have lots of files that you need to make available in your course. A single link can provide access to any number of files.


Structure your lessons


A collection of web pages that the user can navigate through in a linear fashion – one page after another – or branched page structures. The passage through pages is controlled by navigation buttons or the answer to a question embedded in the page.


Glossary on demand learning


Ideal for “on-demand” learning where key concepts are highlighted within course or activity pages. Click the highlighted link to show the content in a pop-up. There are many potential uses for this activity, including collaborative working if you think outside the box!