Reasons to love Totara LMS

reasons to love totaraFollowing our recent announcement of our Totara Gold partner status, along with Totara announcing a new milestone of 1,000 organisations now using Totara LMS and the much anticipated Totara 9.0 due imminently, we thought now would be a good time to give just a few reasons why we love Totara LMS, and why you should too!

Built for business

Totara LMS is built with business in mind; whether it’s mapping your organisational hierarchies, linking managers with their team, managing employee performance reviews, or its enhanced report building tool, it’s sure to have everything you need for managing learning and development in the corporate sector.

Open source

Here at HowToMoodle, we love open source, and Totara does too! Being open source means there are no commercial licenses. Totara LMS can save organisations up to 80% with its simple, cost effective subscription fee, compared to systems that charge per-user license fees.

With the code being open, you are free to build new functionality to suit your business need. This means that improvements and new features are always being worked on, and often shared with the whole community.

Tailored experience

Don’t fancy trawling through an entire system of irrelevant content? With Totara LMS, it’s easy to make everybody’s experience of using it as tailored as you need it. Whether that’s by giving each user a bespoke, customisable dashboard, ensuring users only see the learning that’s relevant to them, or assigning reports to managers so they view information on their team only, each user’s experience can be unique.

Face-to-face event scheduling

The impressive Seminar activity is a mature scheduling tool within Totara LMS, taking the pain out of managing instructor-led classroom training events. Users can sign-up to an available session (with optional manager approval) and receive automated confirmation and reminder notifications. With Room and Asset management, you can check the availability of resources before creating the event. You can download sign-in sheets, take attendance, and report on user interest, registrations, attendance and more!

Learning allocation

Create the perfect blend of social, instructor-led, self-paced, and assessment based learning in a Totara course. Bundle related courses together into individual training programmes, and schedule recurring mandatory training (great for compliance!). With full support for competency based learning, it can automatically allocate competencies (with linked courses) based on job role or department. Users and their managers can work together to create a custom learning plan, where they can track and comment on their progress, set deadlines and prioritise items.


Get the reports you need, by using Totara’s custom report builder. Choose from an entirely bespoke report configuration, or from one of the pre-defined report set-ups. Assign reports to managers based on their role and department, and whose data they should see. Access reports when you need them – managers can schedule their own reports to be sent to them on a regular basis via e-mail. Transform your report into customisable charts and graphs, and display on a custom dashboard for up-to-date information that makes an impact.


Totara grows with you as your business grows. With subscription models available from <500 to 50,000+ users, and a simple subscription fee, it’s easy and affordable to gain a wider reach for your learning.


Don’t just take our word for it… Totara has been voted as a Top 20 Learning Portal Company by, for 5 consecutive years! It’s also been voted by learning professionals worldwide as one of the Top 100 Tools for Workplace Learning 2016.

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