How does Multi-T work?

As a site administrator you would simply input a value into the user’s profile when creating their account. When the user then logs into your Moodle or Totara site, the Multi-T theme detects the value in the user’s profile and displays the navigation, content and styling options relevant to the set of users to which the user belongs to.

The administrator configures the “multi tenancy” experience (e.g. custom menu, image slider, quick links, logo) for each set of users in the ‘Theme Settings’ page using standard functionality – no coding required!

Usage case scenarios

Potential scenarios where this differentiated experience would be desirable are:

  • School – Year groups;
  • College – Further Education and Higher Education students;
  • Business – Different divisions;
  • Charity – Employees and volunteers;
  • Various – Internal users / external users;
  • Various – Differentiation by language;
  • Various – Different options for site administrators.

Benefits of Multi-T – What our clients say…

A few of the key benefits experienced with Multi-T, from leading global charity, VSO:

…it meets the user requirement that we’ve always had to have a degree of separation for our different user bases while at the same time still being able to share content…

It’s much more focused, there’s less distraction while completing courses that are immediately important.

…certainly things like the banners, we’re finding have a huge impact on engagement.

…its already having a positive impact and we’re seeing that overall site and course engagement is going up.

HowToMoodle’s ‘Multi T’ feature gives the effect of a bespoke site by allowing us to make changes such as the company logo, colour scheme, banner images and front page text area and assigning the relevant delegates to that theme. It is simple to manage but the impact is great. This adaptability has been of significant use to us and allows us to further accommodate our client’s needs.

Hayley Wesley, Professional Academy

Multi-T features

Multi-T Multi tenancy numbered features


  1. Custom menu – Tailor your custom menu by user set
  2. Logo image – Upload a logo to be displayed to a specific set of users
  3. Strapline – Enter a snappy line to personalise the site for each set of users
  4. Slider image and target URL – Upload images that are appropriate to your users
  5. Slider text
  6. Quicklinks – Amend the quicklink buttons (text, images and URL) as appropriate for your specific users
  7. Text content – Amend the text content area
  8. Footer text and icon – Change both text and images on your footer to suit your user set.

Multi Tenancy feature example Single branding

  • Change the colour of specific areas of the theme to match client or in-house colours.
  • Choose up to 5 sets of users – plus your default configuration
  • Colour features:
    • Change the colour of up to 5 areas of your theme
    • Change your quicklink background and text colours to one of 3 user managed colours
    • Configure your colours for each Multi-T set.

See it for yourself!

> Click here to visit our Multi-T demonstration site.

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