Monarch Aircraft Engineering saves over 2,500 hours and £48,000 in training!

Who are Monarch Aircraft Engineering?

Monarch Aircraft Engineering Limited (MAEL) is a leading Maintenance Repair Overhaul (MRO) organisation focusing on cost-efficient service delivery.

Operating globally, MAEL provides aircraft maintenance services to clients located in eastern and western Europe, the Middle East, Australia and North America. With superior knowledge in maintaining legacy fleets MAEL is also a leading MRO for new technology aircraft, including the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, for which it is one of a small group of worldwide Boeing-approved Global Fleet Care providers.

The Challenge

Being a well-established, multi-site business in the UK and overseas, MAEL encountered challenges when required to conduct mandatory compliance training for employees, since this was a mandatory two-day course which was held only in their Luton location.

This incurred costs such as accommodation, travel, away from base allowance (AFB) and overtime payments – approximately £250 per employee. These sessions had become costly and time consuming. MAEL had limited functionality with their existing HR system; coupled with remote operations and many of the workforce being overseas, new employees were being missed from mandatory compliance training, and consequently, MAEL weren’t hitting compliance targets set by the auditing body CAA.

The Solution

MAEL compiled a list of essential requirements needed from their new system which would contribute towards the online learning of the organisation as a whole. Owing to their specific requirements for compliance training and reporting, as well as their future plans for blended learning delivery and performance management, HowToMoodle recommended Totara Learn.

After establishing MAEL’s requirements, HowToMoodle developed a solution for online learning, recurring compliance training and reporting, with an on-brand design and an integration with their new HR system.

Whilst MAEL are using their new eLearning platform to aid the online learning of their current employees, they are also using it as part of new employees’ induction process; creating new accounts, assigning role information, and relevant training, via their HR system. This extends to contracted as well as permanent staff, preventing any loss of or missing data and contributing towards their success in reaching compliance standards.


Looks good, nice to be able to access mandatory training in an easy manner.

Paul Bedford

Being able to conduct compliance reporting in an efficient and simple way was one of MAEL’s most important requirements. Totara Learn’s compliance reporting and Dashboards feature worked perfectly. MAEL can now report at a site wide level and are able to do so through their new RAG (red, amber, green) rated status. They are also now able to track learning records and be notified if a learner is out of date and, if so, put them through an automated process, through the Certifications feature. This encourages the learner to take their compliance training, with an escalation to managers if it’s not completed within the required time frame. These features have had a big impact for MAEL, as management issues like these have simply been missed in the past.

MAEL needed a platform that enabled them to offer their learning resources online and give a clear indication of their compliance status with ongoing reporting. In addition, it was crucial that a system could grow with their organisations goals and requirements.

Totara Learn’s branding flexibility has left MAEL delighted with their designed theme, commenting that the HowToMoodle “design team are amazing” producing a visually appealing, easy-to-use site which has contributed to a boost in engagement from their learners; making them more self-sufficient. Online learning is a brand-new concept to MAEL, and HowToMoodle are pleased that they have helped develop a Totara Learn site which promotes and manages their online learning in a simple, efficient way.



MAEL is delighted with its new Totara Learn platform. Not only do MAEL have confidence in their system to prevent further compliance issues, they also have happy and engaged learners who enjoy using the system and have provided ongoing positive feedback. MAEL have also seen fantastic business results following the implementation, saving:

  • 2,592 hours in annual training time
  • £48,000 year on year on training expenses alone

All we wanted it to be was really user friendly and intuitive, which is exactly what it is!

Kerry Howell

Digital Learning Specialist

The combination of an integrated HR and L&D system and reporting and dashboards means that MAEL have the means to always measure and have continuous control of their level of compliance, with MAEL confident that they will hit their compliance targets when audited!

This is phase 1 of a 3-phase journey for MAEL with Totara Learn, we look forward to supporting their continuous improvement approach across these next two stages: introducing blended learning and moving annual performance reviews online.


Having just completed the online refreshers, this is a big improvement on the previous process

Brian Horan