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moodle course creator

Moodle Course Creator Onsite

Set up, sharing content activities for assessment, communication and collaboration and more.

Moodle Course Creator Onsite gives you the confidence and competence with essential Moodle course functionality to make informed decisions about course design, strategic planning and providing support in your organisation. Starting with course settings and orientation, the programme also covers tools for deploying and signposting content, assessment, communication and collaboration. Moodle Course Creator Onsite enables you to monitor activity in your courses, along with the ability to manage access to specific course content, track the progress of your learners and to provide learners with digital rewards, as appropriate.

During this course we will cover: 

  • Course page: Course set-up and layout options including managing blocks
  • Resources: Add and configure the Label, Book, File and Folder resources
  • Assessed activities: Add and configure the Quiz (using a range of popular question types). Assignment and SCORM* activities
  • Collaborative activities: Add and configure the Forum and Glossary activities
  • Other non-assessed activities: Add and configure the Choice and Feedback activities
  • Import: Import activities/resources from one course to another
  • Gradebook: Overview of functionality, and create custom scales for use in graded activities
  • Groups: Manager user participation and segmentation with groups
  • Reporting: Monitor learner activity logs, and access course-based reports
  • Completion tracking: Track and report on the progress of your students across activities and the course as a whole
  • Badges: Reward learners and allow them to share progress and achievement with others
  • Conditional access: Define criteria within resources and activities to restrict access to specific course content

*SCORM covers Moodle options and does not extend to creating content in external authoring tools


  • Trainers, teachers, tutors, course designers etc. responsible for designing and developing online or blended courses.
  • Anyone in a role supporting the above.
  • Project managers and entrepreneurs who need to make a rapid assessment of Moodle for their organisation.

Activities are subject matter “neutral” so you may derive equal benefit from our training regardless of your area of subject matter expertise, academic or business sector and the age of your target learners.

Participants should be familiar with:

  • Typical navigation features of web-based applications e.g. hyperlinks, buttons, drop down boxes, radio buttons, check boxes;
  • The general concepts of files, folders, upload, download, zip & unzip.
  • How to enter text into fields and text boxes.
  • The broader aims of their organisation.
  • Save time and effort: How many more hours/days can you afford to spend on unstructured self-learning? Our carefully designed, hands-on approach helps you identify where and how Moodle can support your course design and wider objectives.
  • See the bigger picture: We cover a lot of ground in two days. Our clients tell us time and time again that they discover options or approaches they’d not uncovered before.
  • Small group dynamic: Learning the software is important, but that’s only part of the story – we want to hear your ideas and challenges too.

“Interactive, engaged and well informed. I’ve come away with a wealth of new knowledge.”

James Kelly, Information Assistant

“The delivery was great, (the trainer) obviously has a wealth of experience using Moodle, was able to answer all questions and maintained a suitable pace throughout. I feel that it benefited from being a hands on approach – I was engaged throughout.”

Head of Learning, Development & Talent, Monarch Airlines  

moodle admin course

Moodle Administrator Onsite

Learn how to configure your site to match your needs.

Moodle Administrator Onsite provides the insights required for you to be informed and efficient in your day-to-day administration of the site, giving you the competence and confidence to both manage the site and support colleagues. Moodle Administrator Onsite explains the configuration options that every administrator should know to set up the site so that it meets your organisation’s needs, we explore the options available for effective and efficient account creation and enrolment strategies – the most likely area to require ongoing resources to maintain.

During this course we will cover:

  • Authentication: Create and manage user accounts with manual and email authentication
  • Enrolments: Add users to courses using different enrolment methods
  • Site organisation: Consider and manage the category structure of your site
  • Backup/Restore: Re-use and archive activities and courses
  • Roles: Manage permissions in existing Moodle roles or create and assign new roles to meet your own user requirements
  • Backup/Restore: Re-use and archive activities and courses
  • Language: Support users with different languages and modify existing interface terminology
  • Appearance: Identify and modify settings that impact on the “look and feel” of the site
  • Default settings: Customise the system defaults to fit with your requirements to improve usability and encourage consistency across courses
  • Tours: Create visual guides to introduce new users to the site interface
  • Configure a site from scratch: At the end of the training, using our scenarios, each participant will have the opportunity to configure a new site from scratch, exploring the various configuration options covered during the training
  • Aspiring Moodle site administrators
  • Current Moodle site administrators
  • Project managers and entrepreneurs who need to make a rapid assessment of Moodle
  • Support desk personnel offering extended support
  • Individuals who need a holistic, strategic overview of Moodle’s capabilities

This course is designed to be of benefit to non-technical administrators, however, we anticipate it will also be valuable to those with experience of server and system administration who have responsibility for administering a Moodle site. Owing to the wide range of potential deployment scenarios this course does not attempt to cover integration with external systems, the various external authentication or enrolment options, networking between Moodle sites, server and infrastructure configuration or web design for customising Moodle themes.

Participants should be familiar with:

  • How to navigate and upload files
  • Typical navigation features of web-based applications e.g. hyperlinks, buttons, drop down boxes, radio buttons, check boxes, etc.
  • The basics and concepts of Moodle course functionality; this provides useful context for exploration of the various administrative settings

Many clients find combining Moodle Administrator Onsite with our Moodle Course Creator Onsite course beneficial.

  • See the big picture: Understand relationships between key areas so that you can take a holistic view of how to match Moodle to your needs.
  • Identify quick wins on an existing site: Existing administrators tell us they leave the course with new ideas and valuable confirmation about their existing approach.
  • Save time: Learn about essential functionality with our structured exploration. What you learn in this single day would take much longer through self-guided discovery and experimentation.
  • Put learning immediately into practice: As part of the training, you’ll be given access to your own site for a limited time where you can explore the various configuration options

“I really enjoyed the course. It went through all the information needed in order to understand how to set up and administrate a Moodle site, in a fun and interactive environment.”

Kylie Thomas, Compliance Project Worker