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“Hello, and welcome to this video blog. In today’s video blog, I’m going to describe a new feature of Moodle 2.9, and that is the setting of a pass mark to a quiz. Prior to 2.9, the actual process that we have to go through to get a pass mark in a quiz was really quite time consuming, and a little confusing. In a previous post, my colleague discusses how to set a pass mark in an assessed activity. The link is now on the screen for you (, so if you have got a version of Moodle 2.8 and before, then you can go and have a look at how to set the pass mark within an assignment or a quiz. This video blog, however, is all about 2.9.

Okay, so without further ado, in showing you this, I’m going to be setting up a quiz, and then just having a quick delve into the settings that we’re concerned with. First of all, to create a quiz. As usual, I’m just going in to add an activity, selecting a quiz. I’m going to give it the name of quiz. In this, we could just add a description, and I’m just going to add some text in there. Now, if we have a look in the grade section, we now have this new setting, grade to pass. Now, by default, new quizzes are marked out of a grade of 10. I’m just going to add a pass mark of 6, because I want a pass mark of 60%. I’m going to save my changes.

Just before I save my quiz, I’m going to set the activity completion here. In my activity completion, I now choose how my completion is going to be actioned, which is going to be by certain conditions being met. The condition that’s being met, is that this quiz requires the passing grade. Now that I’ve set that, I’m just going to save and display. Once I’ve saved the quiz, I now have to add my questions in. In edit quiz, we now see where we can add questions into our quiz.

You’ll see now that this does look a little different to previous versions, because we don’t see a link anymore to the question bank, up at the top right. To add questions, it just is simply a single link, that when we click it, we get a choice of 3 options. Either we add a new question, a question from the question bank, or we’re selecting a random question, which we will be allowed to then choose the question bank category. I’m just going to say, add a number of questions from the question bank, of which I have created 3 questions, here. I’m just going to add them all, and add those selected questions into the quiz.

Once in the quiz, we can see that the maximum grade, here, is 10, as I discussed previously. If it is that you want your grade for your quiz to be out of 100, obviously, you need to put the … change the correct number in there, but also, if you have set the pass grade within the quiz settings, you need to go back in and change those accordingly. I’m just going to leave this, though, as 10. There’s no need to change that.

Now, I’m just going to log in as a student, just to ensure that that all worked correctly. Here, now, I’m as a test student. I’m now going to take the quiz. I’m going to get 2 out of 3 right, which is going to give me 66%, which is going to be the pass mark. If I go into my quiz and attempt the quiz, my first question, let’s just get that correct. We are a Moodle partner. Our final question is all about HowToMoodle. Well, we are based in London, so that’s false. Let’s just, for the sake of this, just let’s put true.

Go to next, and we’ll see that all the questions have been attempted, so I’m going to now submit those questions. Now I’ve got 6.67 out of 10, which should be the pass mark. If I now go to the demonstration course, I now see that that is now ticked, to show that’s been completed.

I do hope that you found this video interesting and informative. If you’re on a previous version of Moodle, I hope you might think about upgrading your site. If you do, and you do host with us, then please get in touch and we will be happy to do that for you. That’s it for now, so hope to speak to you again. Bye bye.”

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