Moodle Totara Technical server healthcheck

Moodle or Totara Technical Healthcheck

Our Technical Healthcheck provides a detailed, independent review of a Moodle or Totara Learn site that’s hosted in-house.

We examine the LMS at site and server level, reviewing the configuration and environment, and check for any common problems. The resulting documentation gives a better understanding of the current site that can be used for reference, review or as a basis for support. This report will list any issues identified along with recommendations for these, and also includes a list of the plugins installed.

Moodle Totara Consultancy healthcheck

Moodle or Totara Consultancy Healthcheck

As part of our Consultancy Healthcheck, an experienced consultant will review key aspects of your Moodle or Totara Learn site with you in line with your organisational objectives. We help you evaluate your use of learning tools, administrative approaches and configuration. This service provides an independent appraisal to help you take an objective view of your site to inform immediate improvements or a longer term plan.

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Features and Benefits of a technical healthcheck:

  • Peace of mind: Independent assessment by an expert.
  • Save time and money: Quickly identify areas that need action so that available resources and budgets can be targeted.
  • Performance improvements: Identify potential areas to improve performance of your learner’s online experience.
  • Security improvements: Identify potential security threats to your site.
  • Reliable management information: Rapid assessment of the current status of undocumented sites.
  • HowToMoodle technical healthchecks take one day for standard Moodle or Totara sites;
  • Technical healthchecks are passive and have no impact on the site’s operation;
  • The healthcheck is conducted by experts with an average of 8 years’ experience working with Moodle-based systems.

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We discuss and agree the scope of the consultancy in advance, a typical single day engagement may include:

  • Moodle or Totara site review from an organisational and learner perspective;
  • Examination of current site, including functionality and navigation;
  • Address the overall Moodle or Totara project objectives and clarify realistic aims and timescales;
  • Areas covered include:
    • User management
      • Authentication
      • Enrolment
    • Roles currently in use
    • Learner journey – the end-user experience on logging in the site (Landing page)
    • Site organisation – category structure
    • Course structure (including how are courses used)
    • Outputs (what information is extracted from the site)
  • A full report will outline your current set up, identifying any specific issues and any suggestions/recommendations.

Large or complex sites may take longer than 1 day to review, we’ll discuss this with you before we commence the engagement.

Feature and Benefits:

  • Improve the user experience. Improve the learner journey from login to course page.
  • Reliable management information: Rapid assessment of the current status of undocumented sites.
  • Functionality review. Identify beneficial functionality in later version, opportunities to use existing or additional functionality effectively to meet objectives.
  • Ensure efficiency of site administration: Assess and advise on most suitable and time-efficient authentication and enrolment methods
  • Our expert consultants have an average of 8 years’ experience in working with Moodle-based systems.