As you probably know by now, blended learning can have huge benefits for your organisation.
In this blog, we’ll look at a few key strategies you can use to make sure your new blended learning approach is effective and well supported across your entire company.


1. Empower your staff to succeed

Putting your staff members and their learning experience at the centre of your blended learning strategy is essential. Offering your learners flexibility through time, place and style of study could increase their motivation and engagement with the course, giving them greater control.

Giving your learners an opportunity for their voice to be heard is also imperative. You can achieve this through online chats, forums and collaboration opportunities within your learning mix. Feedback is also crucial, and you’ll need to make it easy for learners to feedback or ask questions through the learning management system.


2. Focus on great content and great facilitation

Creating great content which is both useful and high quality is vital to your strategy. Blended learning offers students the chance to learn through gamification, quizzes and chat forums; there are many opportunities for interactive and interesting course materials.

Good blended learning facilitators will also actively engage with your blended learning strategy, creating relevant study tools and materials for each course - as well as being able to track and support each student’s learning.


3. Positively market your learning platform to your staff

Treat your new blended learning approach as you would any other new product,  market it to your target audience. Creating a planned marketing campaign full of positive blended learning case studies, testimonials and powerful advocates from your organisation will encourage your staff members to support the learning strategy.

Clearly identifying the features, benefits and value of blended learning for your staff will increase their interest, engagement and uptake for your strategy; making it more effective.


4. Create your blended learning management team

As well as positively marketing blended learning to your potential students, you’ll also need to ensure you have a supportive management team behind the new approach. A new blended learning strategy takes time and effort to introduce, so being able to share the workload effectively across your organisation is essential.

Additionally, this will create stakeholders in your blended learning plans, ensuring organisational clarity on the strategy. Involving managers from across your organisation from the beginning will increase their support for the strategy, giving them important input in the development of the plans.


5. Use the right learning management system for your organisation

An up to date, powerful learning management system will transform your blended learning strategy. Systems such as Totara Learn or Moodle will make the mechanics of blended learning easy, and we can take care of all of the technical configuration, so you can focus on making the larger strategy a success.




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