We’ve recently launched our new e-commerce solution, PayForCourses. Our previous video explored the benefits of this system for your customers, but we’ll now look further at the advantages for you as a manager of your site.

PayForCourses makes the administration of your Moodle site stress-free

PayForCourses takes the hassle out of managing your Moodle site, including reducing the often-arduous tasks of admin. We’ve created the Dashboard to be as user-friendly and useful as possible, giving you an easy, real-time overview of your Moodle site and courses. This includes course data, with sales, registered users and available courses, so you can quickly find the information you need. The ‘Users’ area is where all users of PayForCourses are managed, in one easy to use space. Here, new-user accounts are created once the user has checked out automatically, synchronising effortlessly with Moodle and your shop. It’s also straightforward if you need to make any changes.

PayForCourses makes selling your courses as simple as possible

Monetising your site needs to be effective and easy. With the e-commerce system of PayForCourses, courses you have for sale are easily viewed and grouped in the Products area, making management and updating easy. In this section you can easily apply coupons, categorise courses or create bundled or featured options for promotions. You’ll be able to make changes quickly to respond to any updated sales campaigns or offers.

PayForCourses reporting tools will help you create winning sales strategies

You want your Moodle site to be as successful as possible, and PayForCourses gives you the information to make this happen. Using your manager account, you can access sales data as an easily readable chart, viewing your most popular courses and monthly sales. You’ll be able to use this data to best suit your needs, giving you information on gross and net sales, best-selling products and top earning courses. This accurate information will let you test and develop the right marketing and sales strategies to appeal to your customers, improving your sales.

You’ll be able to easily always focus on your customer’s experience

You want to always be able to give your customers the best learning and purchasing experience and PayForCourses makes this easy for you. The comment system allows you to reply to, edit or delete comments and reviews, communicating effectively with your users. Customers will enjoy using your Moodle site as PayForCourses makes it easy, letting you to have a regularly updated FAQ page or updated information for your customers. PayForCourses means you’ll be able to deal with any questions from your customers quickly and simply too, giving them a consistently positive experience.

Create consistent branding with PayForCourses Options

Your brand consistency is important. PayForCourses gives you the tools needed to update the theme of your shop to match all your existing branding including from your website. The Options area allows you to effortlessly update or change all areas of your site including logo, header strapline and favicon. You’ll also be able to customise terminology throughout your shop to make it relevant to the rest of your content and style.

HowToMoodle offers fast, straightforward installation of PayForCourses

We’ve created PayForCourses to make your life as easy as possible, increasing your sales potential while saving you time. Get in touch with us today or call 0330 660 1111  to discuss how we’ll install PayForCourses for you with support and guidance every step of the way.

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