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  • Businesses are ideally suited for Moodle or Totara platforms;Business-sector
  • Train new recruits and develop existing employees more efficiently;
  • Easily manage your online training business to maximum effect;
  • Save time and money as well as improving productivity;
  • Increase expertise across your workforce;
  • Enhance interdepartmental relations;
  • Deliver the right level of training, consistently.

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  • Create successful e-learning using Moodle or Totara;Charity-sector
  • Enables the essential and cost-effective training of employees and volunteers in an easy and engaging way;
  • Charities are able to build and administer courses themselves;
  • No proprietary solution means you can take advantage of cost-savings on licence fees.

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Public sector

  • Cater for a varied user base, using either Moodle or Totara;Public-Sector
  • Achieve significant cost-savings on the training and development of employees;
  • Improve operational effectiveness within and across departments;
  • Deliver a diverse range of courses through a single platform;
  • Flexibility to tailor content to departmental or even individual needs.

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  • Moodle is the ideal e-learning platform for education;Education-sector
  • Help your students succeed with engaging e-learning resources;
  • Moodle compliments traditional education on so many levels;
  • Use in the classroom or purely online;
  • Engage modern society through blended and distance learning;
  • Flexibility to tailor content to separate class or even individual needs.

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