Our approach

Throughout the training you’ll have appropriate administrative access to a Totara site so that you’re familiar with the configuration areas.

The subject matter means that this training can’t be as hands-on as our other training options but we’ll get you hands-on where possible.

You’re welcome to have your own production site handy (if you have one) to compare your own settings and update if you feel appropriate.

We’ll be asking and inviting questions about your site throughout the two days.

Participants should be familiar with

  • How to navigate and upload files
  • Typical navigation features of web-based applications e.g. hyperlinks, buttons, drop down boxes, radio buttons, check boxes
  • How to enter text into fields and text boxes.
  • You will be familiar with at least the basics and concepts of Totara course functionality. This provides useful context for exploration of the various administrative settings and will help with your participation in the second day of the training. Many clients find combining Totara Administrator with our Totara Course Creator course beneficial.

Important information

This course is designed to be of benefit to non-technical administrators, however, we anticipate it will also be valuable to those with experience of server and system administration who have responsibility for administering a Totara site.

Owing to the wide range of potential deployment scenarios this course does not attempt to cover integration with external systems, the various external authentication or enrolment options, networking between Totara sites, server and infrastructure configuration or web design for customising Totara themes.

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